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      My Fan Fiction -- Original stories set within the BtVS canon. Each one is designed to NOT be contradicted by series events, so if you find any anomalies, let me know!    Aadler's Favorites -- These are the writers I like to read; some are award winners, all are worth your time. NEW FEATURES on Doyle, Lizbeth Marcs, Elizabeth Lewis, and SRoni!   
      Links to Cool Buffy Sites -- Looking for other stories, episode transcripts, posting boards, or the like? Check here.    My Awards Page -- Not a lot of them, but it's still nice to be noticed. Plus, the award sites themselves deserve recognition.   
E-Mail Me. Unless I get so popular I have to hire an agent (yeah, right), I make it a point to answer every message that comes to me. Like the stories? Hate the stories? Puzzled by something? Tell me what and why, and I'll get back to you. with any questions or comments

I was a judge in the Halo Awards! [Summer/Fall 2002]