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Echoes from the Battleground
April 2012

Award Winner

Season Third (Buffy)
Rating PG
Spoiler(s) “Graduation Day”, Part 2 (Buffy, S3-22)
Genre Character exploration
Length 12,549 words
Main Character(s) Core Scoobies, others
Teaser In the aftermath of a thwarted apocalypse, life — and un-life — goes on.
Warning Certain segments of this story will make more sense to those who have read “Come to My Window”, “Shadow and Substance”, “Whisper of a Moment”, and “the Still, Small Voice”.
Acknowledgment This story was done for Round 7 of the Choose Your Author Ficathon, at the request of tiny-white-hats.
Remix FlyingCarpet remixed this story here as “Pomp and Circumstances”.

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No Rest for the Wicked Awards, Round 8 -- Runner-Up, Best Gen
October 2012