Banner adapted from original art by Steve Leialoha

the Silence in the Spaces Between
February 2014

     Season post-Seventh (Buffy), post-Fifth (Angel)
     Rating PG (some violence, bit of language
     Spoiler(s) none to speak of
     Genre AU, ‘what if?’
     Length 8,665 words
     Main Character(s) Faith, Xander, others
     Teaser Faith a prisoner. Xander to the rescue. What could go wrong?
     Acknowledgments This story is adapted from — as in, a cheerful, deliberate, direct rip-off of — the comic book G.I. Joe #21, the classic ‘Silent Issue’ (which can be seen here). Credit also is due the incomparable Yahtzee, whose fantastic “As Time Goes By” showed just how much fun it could be to adapt another fandom’s story to the Buffyverse.

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