Essays on Fanfiction
Writing and Style

Writing is something I do by feel rather than by a formula or set of rules. (I know a lot of rules, but these operate in the back of my mind; the story itself develops from educated instinct.) As such, I proceed with confidence. I’m quite aware that what I do, I do competently, and better — in all due modesty — than that produced by the vast majority of fanfic contributors.

Telling others how to write, though, that’s a different matter entirely. What works for me might not work for everyone (or even for most people), and my natural arrogance begins to waver when I step outside that realm where I feel most at home. As such, this section will differ from all the others on my page in one particular: here, I not only welcome but actively desire submissions by other writers on this subject.

In fact, since the original idea came from the Bearded One, and since the first four essays (three of them mine) appeared on the Nonfiction Archive of his New Generations Fanfiction page, his opening opinions on the subject will lead the list of pieces that follow.

Essay # Title Author
01 A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Fanfiction by Nathan
02 Other Fanfic Writing Basics by Aadler
03 Fanfic Writing – A Little More Advanced by Aadler
04 Fanfic Writing – the Subject of Feedback by Aadler

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