Crossover Stories

These are the stories I count as crossovers. (A few others here and there may have mentions, allusions, or even brief appearances by otherfandom characters, but I’ve chosen not to list them.)

   B = Backstage story   —   I = Independent story   —   D = Drabble

B06 – Morning’s Echo
B12 – … Than Meets the Eye
B16 – the Human Touch
B21 – Glass Ceiling
I02 – Critical Review
I04 – Seeking the Woman
I09 – How Wide the Gate
I17 – the Silence in the Spaces Between
I18 – Reversible Error
I22 – Tea and Oranges
I33 – Beneath the Bitter Snows
I36 – the Song Remains the Same
I37 – Down the Ringing Grooves of Change
D07 – Check and Mate

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