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Family Skeletons
(the “We Put the ‘Funk’ in ‘Dysfunctional’ ” Remix)
July 2009

     Season Post-series (Buffy and Angel both)
     Rating PG
     Spoiler(s) “Chosen” (Buffy, S7-22), “Home” (Angel, S4-22)
     Genre Action, humor
     Length 9,190 words
     Main Character(s) Buffy, Xander, Angel, Giles, Willow, Dawn, Connor
     Teaser All those secrets hidden in the closet? A family reunion is when they tend to come out. Especially for the Sunnydale crew …
     Acknowledgment This story is a remix (done for Round 9 of Remix Redux) of “Loose Ends”, by M. Scott Eiland. The original story was a segment in his “Slayer Central” series; I haven’t attempted to duplicate the overall situation, only to follow out an aspect of the underlying idea.

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